Chelsea Sporting Director Marina Adamant to Reduce Mario Pasalic Price Tag

Following an impressive season for Atalanta on loan from Chelsea, the 25 year old midfielder has played a huge role in qualifying for the champions League with his team last season where they finished third on the league table behind both Juventus and Napoli and also above both Milan teams.


This season has seen Atalanta shocked the world with an impressive performance which saw them cruise past the round of 16 in their debut Ucl season, and Mario pasalic has been a significant factor in the middle of the team,his creativity I seen him give out 7 assists and 7 goals for his team this season which has made the Atalanta club president Luca percassi interested in buying him from Chelsea but Chelsea sporting director Marina granovskaia is holding out on a 15 million euros for the Croatian playmaker with the Atalanta club president holding out for less than the amount.

The player himself is intrested in a move to the Bergamo football club, after series of loan moves from Chelsea he is desperate to make a name for himself in Atalanta and it remains whether Marina Granovskaia will allows him leave to Atalanta since the club manager Frank lampard clearly doesn't have him in his plan.

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